The WDAFS 2016 meeting will offer a number of excellent opportunities for students to network, learn, and have a great time getting to know their fellow students and fisheries professionals.  We invite you to join us and take advantage of these special, students-only events and benefits.  See Student Symposium, Student Social, Student Mentor Lunch, Student Travel Awards, and Student Volunteering Opportunities for details.

I am a student and wish to volunteer to defray registration costs. Do I need to pay for registration?

Yes, everyone must pay registration fees up-front. Early registration for student members is $65. Students can volunteer at the meeting and will be paid $10 per hour up to 4 hours (total $40). Payment will be issued by check on the last day of the meeting, or mailed to those students who did not pick up their check on-site. Please contact Jane Sullivan ([email protected]) or Pat Crain ([email protected])

I am a student and wish to compete for a Best Student Presentation prize. Will I have to give my oral presentation during a specific session?

Yes, all students who wish to have their oral presentation considered for Best Student Presentation must give their presentation during the Student Symposium.

Are there any travel scholarships for students?

There are travel scholarships available through the Western Division. Applications are due January 22. The application can be found at . More information can be found under Student Travel Awards in the Student section of the website (http://wd2016.fisheries.orgstudents/student-travel-awards/).