Opening Social–Mingle Among Monster Fish

Reunite with old colleagues and make new friends while mingling among monster fish and sampling the offerings of local food trucks at the Opening Social from 6:00 to 8:30 PM on Monday, March 21, at the Discovery Museum.

We are incredibly fortunate to hold our welcome social at the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum during the traveling debut of the National Geographic’s extraordinary exhibition “Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants.” Dr. Zeb Hogan, National Geographic Fellow, host of the National Geographic WILD series, “Monster Fish”,  and Research Associate Professor at the University of Nevada Reno, has spent more than a decade searching for and studying rare, large freshwater fish. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey to river basins around the globe to learn about awe-inspiring fish, and the cultures and places that depend on them. It also highlights how scientists learn about these fish and develop ways to save them.

  • Marvel at the life-size sculptures. Guess how many WDAFS President Jim Bowker-heights it takes to equal a Goonch, Pirarucu, or Freshwater Sawfish!
  • Step on a scale with your group to see your equivalent weight in monster fish – before and after enjoying selections from food trucks stationed nearby.
  • Network over beer and wine, courtesy of California and Nevada breweries and wineries.
  • Have fun climbing in “the clouds” and playing in the model Truckee River.

Shuttles will take you from the GSR to the Discovery. Bring your badge, drink tickets, and money for those food trucks.